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Intruder alarms

One of our expert surveyors will visit your site at a pre arranged time in order to conduct a full site survey and risk assessment, and get a clear brief of the system required or problem you are encountering.


Wireless Intruder Alarms

Protex Wireless Sounder

Smart Phone App

Wireless Keypad

Wireless Door Contact

Wireless Flood Detector

Wireless Camera PIR

Wireless PIR

Wireless Heat & Smoke Detector

Wireless Shock Sensor

Wireless intruder alarm technology has made huge advances in recent years, the stability, ease of installation and huge range of detectors have all contributed to make wireless such a popular choice. Our wireless systems now offer commercial detectors, such as dualtechs and are fully compliant with the requirements for Police Response and insurers.   Our engineers can install your wireless security system with little to no disruption to you and your business, this makes it a great choice for systems that have been omitted during a refurbishment or upgrades to existing systems. The flexibility of our systems means we can protect your business and staff from all types of risks as you will see on the features list below. All of our systems are designed and installed in compliance with  British and European standards PD6662:2010, EN50131 & BS8243 and fully SSAIB Certified.


Long Battery Life (2-5 Years)


Long Signal Range (100-300 Meters)


Large Range of Detector Types


British and European Standard Complaint



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floodicon2 panicicon2
smartphoneicon2 remoteicon2

Bespoke Intruder Alarms


Bespoke System Design Specifically for your Premises


Hybrid Systems (Wired & Wireless)


Integrated with Other Security & Automation Systems


Protect Multiple Buildings Independently with One System


 British and European Standard Complaint


We specialise in large bespoke commercial intruder alarms. The systems are specifically designed to suit the individual premises and the businesses requirements. They can range from a wired, wireless or hybrid system, hybrid systems are a combination of wired and wireless detectors. The systems are designed with total flexibility in mind, for example, imagine being able hold a fob to an external proximity reader and this one action locks down all your external doors, closes your gate and arms your intruder alarm. You can also arm/disarm outbuildings or different parts of your premises independently. Allowing you to restrict access to different parts of the building, perfect for using one alarm for multi-tenanted buildings. There are a huge range of additional features available, just fill in our contact form or call for more details. All of our systems are designed and installed in compliance with  British and European standards PD6662:2010, EN50131 & BS8243 and fully SSAIB Certified.

Flush Keypad

Smart Key

Elite Keypad

Movement Detector

Wireless External Detector

Elite Control Panel

Wireless Panic Button


fireicon4 co2icon2
floodicon2 panicicon2
smartphoneicon2 remoteicon2

Care & Panic Alarms

Wrist Panic Button

Fixed Panic Button

Wireless Panic Pendant

Wireless Keypad

Our care and panic alarm systems are an ideal solution for disabled staff or businesses with a higher risk of robbery and hold up incidents due to the stock or cash held on the premises. The system can include fixed Panic Buttons (wireless ore hardwired), Wireless Panic Pendants or Wireless Wrist Strap Panic Buttons. In the event of an incident taking place the buttons can be pressed, this can then activate an audible alarm in the premises, or our recommended option of a silent panic signal to our ARC who will in turn summon the Police. Our Panic Systems can be standalone or added to our Intruder Alarm Systems detailed above. The systems are very flexible and offer the option of remote monitoring through our alarm receiving centre or self monitoring via, Smart Phone Apps & Emails etc.


Occupant Movement Monitoring


Remote Assistance via ARC


Ideal for Assisted Living


twowayicon assistanceicon
movementicon panicicon2
smartphoneicon2 remoteicon2


What is Monitoring?

We connect you intruder alarm to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), the ARC then receives any signal your intruder alarm sends when it activates, such as intruder, fire, flood or carbon monoxide detector activations. When the ARC receive a signal the operator will then inform your nominated keyholders and the emergency services, if your system is registered for this facility. Our monitoring systems are very secure and are available on a number of varied platforms, such as Single Path (Using your phone line, broadband or GPRS/Sim Card) or Dual Path (Using a combination of two of the former options e.g. Broadband + GPRS).

We always recommend Dual Path as this is the most secure option. If your broadband is down then your signal will be passed to the ARC over the GPRS network. Our monitoring service is different from most services offered by other fire & security system providers. When your alarm is activated most intruder alarm monitoring services will just inform your keyholder that your intruder alarm has activated. Whereas our monitoring platform will pass a detailed message to the ARC, describing the cause of the activation. e.g. 'Kitchen Window Sensor' or 'Landing Smoke Detector'. The operator can then pass on this detailed description to your keyholders, which is very useful when attending the activation. All our Monitoring services using our ARC are fully compliant with British and European Standards such as PD6662:2010, BS8243, EN50131 and BS5979.

What is Self Monitoring?

Self Monitoring is an exciting new service we launched in 2014, this service allows the client to monitor their system directly via our smart phone application, without the use of an ARC. We connect your intruder alarm to our servers and signals are passed directly to your smart phone. This system offers great features such as audible and visual alerts on your phone when the intruder alarm activates, arming/disarming of your intruder alarm, viewing the event log and many other features. Please take a moment to view the video demonstration below. We must stress this service is not a replacement for a full ARC Monitoring service, as detailed above. It is designed for those clients who would normally not consider Monitoring and only have an audible system.


Maintenance and system servicing are an essential element to any safety or security system. Without regular preventative maintenance the systems performance will be hindered and the system may fail when you need it most. All our engineers are provided with the most advanced test equipment on the market and work to the highest standards. They are trained to understand that the quality of their work is of the upmost importance. Our maintenance plans offer excellent value for money and second to none customer service. A current maintenance contract with an approved company like Protex is often a stipulation of many insurance policies, in turn many insurance companies offer a more cost effective policy for clients with a properly maintained system.

Design & Installation

We provide full design and installation services in-house to British and European Standards, for all of our systems.


We specialise in the repair and upgrade of existing systems. Our Engineers have years of experience, along with all the latest diagnostic equipment to get your system back to full health.


We provide a full commissioning service for any fire & security system. Our engineers have access to state of the are commissioning software and test equipment.


Our Keyholding service provides an SIA licensed guard to respond to any out of hours alarm activations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.